Current Fiber Projects

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U-reka Broadband: bringing fiber networks to communities

U-reka Broadband helps enable communitywide fiber optic networks through business planning, engineering, construction, project management and operations. Our primary goal is improved communication through fiber whether the objective is fiber to the business (FTTB), fiber to the premises (FTTP) or institutional fiber networks.

U-reka has worked on fiber networks across the United States. We have the expertise to come into your fiber planning at any stage from the early planning or funding stage through last mile implementation. We don’t believe there is only one business model to bring fiber to communities and are comfortable with a range of fiber network business plan strategies:

Service Provider Networks: We work with service providers to assist in the planning, design and implementation of deep-fiber networks.  In addition we can provide marketing and sales expertise to the process to ensure that the network is not only built but utilized.

Municipal Networks: We work with the public sector and public sector organizations to assess bandwidth needs, create business plans that include feasibility studies, design and/or build fiber networks and help operate or manage services to businesses and residents. Our value is technical expertise, business acumen and a wide range of partners.  Whether the network is an “Open Access” or single provider model U-reka can provide the strategies to maximize the Municipal network.

Private NetworksU-reka works with Private Companies to ensure that their bandwidth connectivity needs are met.  U-reka builds private networks that bypass costly incumbent networks and provides companies flexible and scalable solutions.  Through our CLEC subsidiary-Minnesota Fiber Exchange-we can assist in matters such as access to public rights-of-way and operational issues.